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 The FLAKES range of syrups currently includes Grapes, Raspberry, orange and Diet Apples (contains sucralose; only 40 calories per 200cc serving! ). Preparation is easy as our range of delicious syrups is easily mixable and only water should be added to the syrup.

Each B.I.B 4 liter pack is sufficient for ~135 9oz servings ( 220 cc )

FLAKES dairy frozen drinks instant powders flavors currently include yogurts, coffee, strawberry, vanilla and Banana in a 1kg bags which are perfect for the preparation of a frozen, rich, dairy drink in various flavors.

Each 1kg powder bag is sufficient for the preparation of 35 9oz servings ( 220cc ).


 Grape syrup mix

 Raspberry syrup mix

 Orange syrup mix

 light apple syrup

 dairy instant coffee powder mix

 dairy instant Vanilla powder mix

 dairy instant Strawberry powder mix

 dairy instant Banana powder mix

instant passion fruit powder mix

instant iced peach tea powder mix


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