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System Error: 47:YZ

Problem Description:

Starwheels motor error

Corrective Action:

Try the following:

1. Switch the power off from the back of the printer and disconnect the power cord.

Reconnect the power cord and power on the printer.

2. Open the Window and check for any visible obstacles restricting the movement of the

Starwheel Assembly, then clear the obstruction.

3. Check that the Starwheel Assembly cable is not damaged and is correctly connected to

the Main PCA.

4. Perform the Scan Axis Starwheel diagnostic test to troubleshoot the problem further.

5. Replace the Starwheel Motor. .

6. Replace the Main PCA..

the error coe is 47:xx


1. Switch off the printer and remove the power cable.

2. Remove the Cover, Front

.3. Remove the Cover, Left

4.Remove the Electronics Module Main PCA and PSU

.5.Remove the Spittoon, Left


This error could be from the followng Hp Designjet models

 T610 T620 T770 T1100 T1200 T2300 Z3100

This error is for the Starwheel motor.

hgp part number  Q6718-67017 Star Wheel Motor Designjet

The location of the starwheel motor

Time of service about 2.5 hours




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